Tex (notnevada) wrote in thefinalfantasy,

If not allowed, will delete. FF/Kindgom Hearts characters wanted!

Altruia is a pan-fandom/Original Character rp community that is takes place on a large island in the middle of some unknown ocean. The island is completely isolated, but there are remnants of what used to be a great civilization buried deep in the jungles.

There is no running water, no electricity, no air conditioning, no “comforts of home”. However, residents are given “gifts” by the not-so-trusting gods of Altruia, so that they might better survive and eventually recolonize the once great empire.

For further information, please visit the following links. And enjoy your stay on our beautiful island paradise.

Rules/FAQ // Taken Characters // Character Reservation // Character Application // Requested Characters // Altruia Moderators // Altruia OOC Community
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