lilytoby (lilytoby) wrote in thefinalfantasy,

Looking for Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy Play Arts

I'm looking for some of the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy Play Arts Figures. I would prefer them new in the box, but don't mind if they are open.
I'm specifically looking for:-
Kairi (KH2)
Sora (KH2 - Normal or Final Form)
Roxas (KH2)
Aerith (CC)
Cloud (CC)
Tifa (AC)
Yuffie (AC)
Balthier (FFXII)

I would prefer to trade right now, my list is here Or from my own collection of figures, etc.
Or, I may be able to buy, for a reasonable price - so ask!
Also, if you know a good online store that sells these (good prices) please let me know!

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